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Party Animals!


Me-Chu the Pearl!

Me-chu, nice to me-chu! A bubbly party animal from the big city. One day, she decided to move to Australia with a bunch of friends.
She dropped by one of our EasyCups for a fun night and was spotted by a talent scout. Got famous overnight and has never left since then.
Me-chu loves mixing with others and creating a party wherever she goes.
Have you seen her bouncing on the trampoline in her Gaga outfit?





Hai-yo the Green Tea!

No one knows where Hai-yo comes from. All we know is that she loves backpacking and somehow ended up staying with us…for good!
To be honest, we find Hai-yo a bit strange. Once, someone spotted her going from store to store staring at our menus with amazement!
She was last seen with Me-chu the pearl and @om the jelly. It’s hard to pin her down, but if there’s any music around (not on commercial radio) you can be sure to see her tapping her feet and nodding her head.





E-galoo the Frappe

E-galoo has a love-hate relationship with the sun. He loves to be out in the sun, chillin' with his friends, but on the other hand, being a frappe and staying out in the sun for too long has its consequences. E-galoo is so cool and he knows you know it! He never talks much, coz' he’s trying to stay “cool” all the time.





@om the Jelly!

Boom! @om pronounced atom. How do you like his hair? No matter what the situation, it’s always spiky!! @om is known as the party starter and no party is complete without him. You can catch him dancing inside our EasyCup all the time! Oh! By the way, have you seen him in our TVC?





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