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Top Drinks


Taro Milk Tea + Pearls

The wonderful purple colour is an indication of things to come - Distinctive Asian flavour with a modern twist. For all to enjoy.


Milk Tea + Pearls

The original and undisputed champion of bubble teas. A subtle balance of milk and freshly brewed tea to give you an unforgettable taste experience.


Lychee Green Tea + Lychee Jelly

Do you know how a lychee looks like? It’s not pretty. But don't be fooled by its looks. Take a sip of our lychee green tea and experience a refreshing and distinctive taste which will surely excite your tastebuds!


Passionfruit Black Tea + Rainbow Jelly

Looking for something refreshing and thirst quenching? You can’t go wrong with the tanginess and sweetness of our Passionfruit Black Tea. And seriously, who can resist those little colourful bits of chewy?


Mango Frappe + Pearls

A super refreshing option made from blended ice and mouth-watering juice. Literally "summer in a cup"


Chocolate Chiller

A simple, no nonsense drink - smooth, rich and luxurious chocolate over ice cubes. Perfect anytime, anywhere.


Mango Pash Smoothies

An amazing concoction of ice cream, mango, passionfruit, banana, apple, and OJ, to give you a blast of flavours and refreshment to kickstart those slow days...

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